Biden for President Hosts Still I Rise: Back to the Battlegrounds

A Conversation with Black Women Small Business Owners

Biden for President hosted an event recently to connect with and hear from Black women in business about the challenges they’ve faced and the Biden-Harris vision to build back better for them.

The conversation covered the struggles businesses across the country are facing due to the COVID-19 crisis, the challenges for Black entrepreneurs to obtain capital, and the importance of diversity in business. The roundtable discussion, which was co-hosted by CEO of 360 Total Concept Shonda Scott and business leader Edda Coleman and moderated by Senior Advisor for Strategic Planning Ashley Etienne, featured Black women in business from key battleground states across the country, including Virginia, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, Georgia, and Colorado.


Watch the full conversation HERE.

Sikaru Pinnock-Fitts, who owns her own consulting firm in Virginia, said: “What gives me hope is that a Biden-Harris ticket, I believe, will have the government be accountable for helping our businesses thrive. Biden-Harris has come out and said they’re going to do the things they need to do to heal this country.”

Carolyn Pitt, Founder and CEO of Georgia-based Film Connx, addressed the challenges facing Black women looking to start their own business: “Even though we have less access to capital, we find ways to build our businesses anyway…We’re built for this. We are built for coming out of this COVID pandemic, out of this depressed economy, out of an administration that has not focused for us and on us, and to be able to embrace a new administration and take advantage of a flourishing economy.”

Teresa Maria Lundy serves as the Principal of her own communications firm in Pennsylvania and spoke about the importance of investment in black-owned businesses: “Senator Harris has proposed helping the Black community further establish themselves as entrepreneurs by adding to the number of Black-owned businesses and providing funding to support those businesses…I believe we absolutely will get it done with the Biden-Harris ticket.”

Valerie Ruth Daniels-Carter is the owner of V&J Foods, Holding Companies, Inc. in Wisconsin: “We need to be at the table when decisions are being made… We need a Biden-Harris ticket to allow us to do some of the things we need to do. Despite COVID, despite what we may be dealing with with the current administration, this is not the end, and we’re going to make it.”

Heather Manon Barry, Vice President of Strategic Partnerships for SSP America in Colorado, said: “To be able to have a conversation where we’re getting all the information… to keep the honesty and openness is key… I know that the Biden-Harris ticket is going to happen, and we’re going to turn over a new page in history.”

Event co-hosts Edda Coleman and Shonda Scott closed the event with a direct message to 2020 voters.

“Let’s meet the moment, let’s continue to mobilize. I’m inspired by all the people standing in line to vote early…I’m just inspired and ready. I’m fired up,” said Coleman.

“We are all women in business, we know about building our own table and not waiting for a seat. We’ve been building that table and we’re ready — we’re ready for Biden-Harris to help us move to a brighter future for our country,” added Scott.



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Small Business for Biden-Harris

Small Business for Biden-Harris

Joe Biden and Kamala Harris believe America’s small businesses are critical to our collective success as a nation. They have our backs, and we’ve got theirs.